Friday, 30 January 2015

Paper Piecing Party #4

Hello and Welcome

Today is our - Paper Piecing Party 
Link - Up!

What have you been up to this week?

I've finished my Hasenbach Challenge Block that I'm doing with Cattinka and the HC Group - I decided to make this lovely - Octopus. The block measures 12 x 8" and was loads of fun to put together. The design is by Claudia Hasenbach.

Other fun designs I've been making this week are for a "Birthday Block" for one of the postcard ladies. My Sun Bonnet Sue Block (12") is almost done. Probably show a photo of it next week - just tooooo many other exciting things going down now at the beginning of the month.

The Block of the Month - Oceans will happen on Monday 2 February and the Beg BoM on Friday along with the PP Party.  On Wednesday 4 February I will be showing my block off for the SYS 2015 series.

Link up your creations and let's all have a look.....

Enjoy your week-end!

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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

WIP Wed.

It's raining here today!
Such a welcome sight since all the extreme hot weather we've been having. Now the electricity just needs to hold - heard rumours of it being switched off every second day now.... we'll see...

What have you all been up to?
I've been finishing up all the Block of the Month projects, so I can only show those by the week-end or next week.

I decided to finish the Silhouette Dog patterns (now 6 patterns)- not sure if I should make any more dog patterns.

I've also made a few more Bitty Block (4") patterns -

That's Wednesday for you....

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Monday, 26 January 2015

Monday - downhill to Friday!

I don't think I posted a warning on my "follow-a-long" with bitty blocks posts....

Sorry, but - "These small blocks are highly addictive" - There, now you've been warned!

 Do we really need to do more than one a month???

Have any of you ever seen (on TV) - in Gloucester UK - a bunch of people all run flat out down a rather steep hill. Not even sure why... its sheer crazyness, broken bones galore! Arms and legs everywhere. Ambulances wait in droves down the bottom....

Well, that's Monday for you. We all stand on top of that hill ready to run down towards Friday and a finish. Hmmm, makes you think.....

This week I need to work on all the Block of the Month projects for February - not a shlep, actually been looking forward to it. Digging through my stash for the right colours is always exciting.

Thanks to everyone for linking up to our Friday paper piecing party. I love your blocks. Really cool! Those little feather blocks are just tooooo darn cute!
  I love the multi coloured fabric feather block Medea made.
  Looks amazing.

 * Our Friday Link-Up winner - Link #3 - Lisa Marie. Your bluebird is seriously beautiful!
Let me know and I will send you your prize.

So, Its "On your mark, get set, GO!!!!"
The downhill race has begun ladies ......

Have a good Monday!

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Friday, 23 January 2015

Paper Piecing Party #3

It's already Friday! This week was a short one....

Welcome to our
Paper Piecing Link-Up Party!

I've managed to finish the pillow top this week - YaaaY! 

 This is a 14.5" Pillow for my daughter. It's for Valentine and she wanted as many hearts on it as possible.  Now I need to add a cute frill around the edge and add a back.

The pattern for this is really easy. You just need to keep your wits about you on fabric placement.

The pattern is in the shop along with the other Valentine patterns

Visit JaneenVN's Craftsy Pattern Store »

This was the other "2 Hearts" I made last year for a gift. It eventually also turned into a small pillow. It was sooooo cute!

The Bitty Block Follow-A-Long is ON!

A lot of positive response - so let's do it....
One of these tiny babies won't take forever to make and can fill a little corner somewhere...

Lets have a look at your week -
Link up all your amazing creations,Visit a few and Leave a nice comment.

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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Feather Bitty Block

I've been working on little "Bitty Blocks" for a while now. 
Never even knew that they were a 'thing'...

I saw some interesting feathers in larger blocks - so naturally I just had to (had to!!) make some as well - but just a whole lot smaller.

This is a 4" Feather block - Really easy and very quick to make

This little block took me less than a half an hour to make. 
Only when I was finished I saw that I should have used a turquoise piece and not the blue. Too bad for now... I'll make another one later. 
I cut mine smaller and now I'm using this one as a bookmark.

The Free PDF is HERE... I hope you all make some feather blocks too.
I'll add the block to Craftsy as well (as a free pattern).

IS there anyone out there who would like to do a BITTY BLOCK QaL?? 
We could make these with the idea of just collecting them or you could use them to swap with others.
How about a February start??  January start if you decide to make a feather....
Free Blocks each month!


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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

WIP Wednesdays

WIP- work in progress....
Let's see, what have we got going on....
Loads of little things that will hopefully all come together by the end of this week...

My "2 Hearts" Valentine pillow is coming along really nicely. The pattern is not hard, just need to keep my head on straight with the placement of the fabrics.

The aqua and reds are such a favourite of mine - I may not want to part with this one.

Quick link to pattern at Craftsy - HERE

 Half way now, just need to take a break -  my back - 'nuff said.....

Another WiP I'm also busy with

This is also just a sneak peek at another block I'm trying to get finished. Not my pattern, but really fun to put together.

More on this one at the end of the month.

Hope you're all having a great Wednesday.

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Monday, 19 January 2015

Monday Madness!

Hello All!

What a week-end! I'm still so frustrated with everything, I could scream!

We woke on Saturday to a loud bang - somewhere on the street corner - an electricity transformer had blown and the entire neighbourhood was without electricity.
My husband must have phoned the municipality about 10 times easy. Each time you get to speak to another rude so and so who knows nothing about it and will report it. Ja, sure!!
Another 30 hours later and a smallish truck came to check out what the fuss was about.... because we didn't know what we were talking about ?????
By then everything was going south - fridges and freezers defrosting, batteries on all tech dead, no internet, no computer..... Like I said, I could scream.

Suffice it to say all I got done was a bit of crochet. I'm learning how, so things went really slow.
This morning I had to jump in the car and go fabric shopping to ..... well..... calm the nerves.

I'm planning a cute Valentine's pillow for my daughter, so I grabbed a few reds, pinks and turquoise colours - as many with hearts as I could find.

 This is my pattern "2 Hearts" that I plan to make.
I've made it before for someone else using reds and grey.
This time I'm planning to use the turquoise instead of the grey.

I've got so many things to do all backed up now, I'm not sure which way is up.
First things first - finish my tutorial for the SYS 2015......
My turn is 4 February - exciting stuff....


Thanks to everyone who participated on Friday. I only managed to visit your blogs and photos this morning when everything was charged once more. All your projects are amazing. I love them all.

Our Friday PP Party winner: Link #8 - Plum Jam
Your little pillow is tooo cute
Let me know what your choice of free pattern is (value up to $5) and I'll send you the PDF.


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Friday, 16 January 2015

Paper Piecing Party #2

Hello and Welcome!

it's our Friday's are 
Paper Piecing Party time

What have you been working on this past week?

I've had such a crazy time with all the preparations for "back to school". My kids are thankfully not in school anymore, but now attend College - just as much 'where's my this and where's my that'.......
Should be really better from next week ..... (hoping)

I've managed to do a little designing on the "dog" patterns. Can't have those cats thinking they rule or something....

 These are Silhouette Dog #1 and #2

 This is my Pepsi #2 Pattern
12" (30cm) Intermediate level.

Tooooo cute!

My dog makes a great little model.

I've also redone our February block for Ocean BOM - I didn't like my other idea, so I had to change something ... now I just need to sew it up quickly... We will be doing this cute Seal.

Now, Let me see what you have all been up to......
Visit a few and leave a kind word - Thanks

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Monday, 12 January 2015

Monday's news!

It's Monday! Already...

This past week-end I was working on my block for a wonderful project linked to SYS 2015 over at  We start at the beginning of February.... (button on blog sidebar too)  So I can't show anyone my cool block just yet....

I can show you something else I've managed to squeeze in-
A Silhouette Dog design - for all those dog enthusiasts out there...

This pooch - Silhouette Dog #1 is also 10" (26 cm) and on the easy Intermediate level
Eventually I'll make 12 of them as well to "play" with the cats....
Available in my Craftsy Shop 
(or in pattern shop on blog)


I've chosen a winner for our Paper Piecing Link-Up -
Link #5 - Yellow Bird Stitches - Your turtle block is just beautiful!
Thanks for linking up - let me know which pattern you would like me to send you (value up to $5).

Thanks to everyone for joining in - I just love to see what you have all been up to lately. :D

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