Friday, 29 May 2015

Paper Piecing Party #20

Whooo Hoooo!
Its Friday and it Party Time!!

Lets get on with
Friday Paper Piecing 
Link Up Party!!

 What have you been up to this week?

Have a Great Week-End!!

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

WIP Wednesday

Its Wednesday and our Forest QAL is over.... Booohooo. 
I was really enjoying that.

Never mind, in July we start our second half - the Lake QAL (also a 12 week operation)

This week I haven't managed much sewing - my dang arm.... just when I think its getting to a better place - then BAM in my face so sore I want to cry like a toddler.

My designs for the new magazine are well on the way and every so often a rouge pattern slips through too. 

My new "Hipsters" are too cute to put down...

Mr Fox and Mr Hippo are now joined by Mr Racoon (also 14" - 37 cm)
Im thinking I'll stop at 4 of them.

Look at this cute block sewn together by Ulrike Brandl from Germany. 
Thanks so much! It's just sooooo beautiful!

The Fox pattern has a numbering faux pas, but all is well now -
I redone and posted a new pattern to Craftsy

Have a Great Day!!

Monday, 25 May 2015

Mondays are crazy sometimes....

Hello everyone!

Its Monday....AGAIN!! ALREADY!!
Im starting up a new panic here if anyone wants in....

Its already the last week of May and I need to finalize the new patterns for the magazine and have them all sewn..... Not even sure that's going to all be possible.

Ive sat at my computer the whole week-end trying new things, but end up with new patterns I can add to my Craftsy Shop.

Here are 2 newcomers to the gang....

Some Hipsters!

These guys are 14" (37 cm) and on the Intermediate Level

Oooooh and I need to start sewing the Block of the Month......
Need more hands....

Visit JaneenVN's Craftsy Pattern Store »

Monday winner of a free pattern : Link #3
Take a look, let me know which one you would like... (value up to $5)
Please email me, because I also need an email address to be able to send it ...

Have a Great Day!!


Friday, 22 May 2015

Paper Piecing Party #19

Hello and Welcome

To another -
Friday's Paper Piecing Party Link-Up!!

 Here are some of the designs I've managed to finish this week -

 My Cacti collection is growing !!
The Muscle Cars are too - only a few left to finish off....

 Lets have a look at what you all have been up to this last week...
Link up your paper piecing creations for everyone to see.

Visit a few, share a little love...

** Forest Art Quilt is now an EBOOK and is available in my Craftsy Shop

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Forest QAL Week 12

This is it!!
We are finished with the Forest Quilt A Long!

And I'm betting they all look amazing!

This week we only have 2 pieces to sew together.

As usual we need to stick the corresponding pieces together first  which in itself is a mission.....
I really wish that the software gave me more control over this part of the pattern planning.

Write onto your pieces which colour choices you have made and then sew up the sections.

NOTE: the small piece that seems to be missing from week 12 is hiding somewhere with week 10 or 11 pattern pieces.
You have received all your necessary pieces.

Once both are done, you need to join them together and then join week 11 to week 12 as well.

 Depending where you left off, you can join up all the rest of your weekly segments and finally - sew up the last seam on this art quilt.

All Done!!


I waited to join all the pieces from week 9, so now it was just a single large seam and BAM there it is!!

Here is my finished art quilt top.

Now I want a few days off before I patiently sit and pull off the paper.
Don't yank at it - you don't want your sections to pull out.
Nobody likes this bit, but it must also 'happen'...

 Here are photos of 2 finished tops that some ladies sent me
They are amazing! I really love them!

 Toni Leggate

Ulrike Brandl 

WELL DONE! to everyone
this wasn't a difficult pattern and now its finished...

If you are done with this quilt, you can add your borders and quilt it BUT
if you are going to do the bottom part of the art quilt, then you will have to wait with those borders just yet.....

This is the second art quilt I will be hosting this year - The Lake.

It fits onto the bottom of the Forest or can be a quilt on its own.
This Lake QAL will start on 1 July 2015 and will also be divided up into 12 weeks.

I will open the list for those who want in around the middle of June.

** Forest Art Quilt is now an EBOOK and is available in my Craftsy Shop

Monday, 18 May 2015

Mystery Block #6

Hello everyone! 
Today is our Mystery Block #6

This block is a little easier, but is soooo beautiful!

The block is again 6" (16cm) and is on the Intermediate Level.

As usual there is no image to work with - just the instruction sheet

Download your FREE block PDF Pattern - HERE

You can also link up your finished block on our Mystery Page

I hope you all enjoy this one too...

Thanks to everyone who gives it a go and sews along!


Link up Friday Winner:

I'm feeling in a good mood on a Monday!! - You can all win a free pattern
Let me know which one you would like.

Thank you all for linking up your amazing designs and blocks - they are all wonderful!

Friday, 15 May 2015

Paper Piecing Party!


Welcome to the
Friday's are for Paper Piecing Party!

Great News for the Paper Piecing Digital Magazine!
You can get an Issue straight from Craftsy - Instant downloads.... YAAAY!!!

Our Issue #5 has 10 amazing Full Patterns with a Springtime flavour


To usher SPRING in, we have a cute patterns with Lady Bugs


Mini Quilt by: Erin Trevino of

** Lady Bug Mini Quilt Top (18") is now available in my Craftsy Shop


Lets take a look at what everyone's been up to -

Link up all your latest paper pieced creations


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