Thursday, 24 July 2014

First Birthday Bash!

 Whoo Hoo! Today is Quilt Art Designs First Birthday!!

This week-end we will be Celebrating! and having a Giveaway!
First of all - a riddle -
You hear it speak, for it has a hard tongue. But it cannot breathe, for it has not a lung.
What is it?
Leave your answer as #1. Randomly picked correct answer will receive a prize...

But NOW, Lets have some Birthday Cake! 

This Paper Pieced Pattern is 14"(40cm)
FREE for all - For the weekend only

And while you're here, lets have a glass of something fizzy!

This Paper Pieced Pattern is 12"(30cm)
FREE for all - for the weekend...
Second Riddle -

Which creature walks on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon, and three legs in the evening?
Leave your answer as #2. Randomly picked correct answer will win a prize...

Now, back to the giveaways  ....

A Star Patterns E-Book
Amazing Paper Pieced Star patterns of various sizes with full patterns
FREE for the week-end

Before you run off .....Spread a little of the love

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(Could also be a sur-prize in it for you....)

Have a Great Week-End.

Pixel Reveal...

Today is the BIG reveal of my Pixel mini Art Quilt

This quilt top measures 20 x 30" and is now going to undergo a little FMQ - I'm thinking something really modern but doesn't steal the attention.

 This is how it all started -
there are 6 blocks of 10x10 squares
Each square was 1.5" to start...

Actually wasn't difficult at all...
I ironed the pieces onto interfacing and then sewed down the pieces in rows..... 

This was the finished top stuck up on the design wall. When I stand closer, it just looks like a blob, but once I took photos of it, I could see the whole design a lot better. So then we went outside into the sunshine...

Not tooo bad! I like the "woven" look of the blocks.

When I make the photo smaller - as if you're standing further away, it really stands out a lot better.

I'm glad I had this week open to do something a little different. It seemed fitting to just enjoy myself and think about this past year and where everything started and how far its all come, and also everything I would still love to do in the next year.....

Tomorrow will be Quilt Art Designs FIRST birthday! Wow! 

Starting tomorrow I will be going GIVEAWAY WEEK-END Crazy!
Make sure you visit and snag yourself a couple of goodies.....

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Top Half Done!

Day 3 News.....
Pixel Art Quilt Half way done.....

I hear some say that if I only started yesterday, then how is it day 3?
well, I want to be finished on the top by Friday and there are 6 blocks, so yesterday was day 1 & 2 combined. Not that bad tho' because the first block was only one colour.

 Block 1 - background - 10.5" (28cm)

Block 3 - right eye forming

Top half of the Pixel Art Quilt

Thats it for Tuesday ...

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Monday, 21 July 2014

Pixel Art Quilt

This week I've decided to make a Pixel Art Quilt - the easy way...

I've been so inspired by Vera from Negligent Style to make my own pixel quilt with little blocks...
I even watched the mini-class from Craftsy on how to make Pixel Picture Quilts. Interesting. Loads of spreadsheets and maths. Phew! 

I've also seen how to do it the 'easy' way and not sew every little block into strips and then ...
No, I'm going down the iron them onto a grid of interfacing road.... Yaay! quick and easy.

Here's my starting point:

It looks a little fuzzy because its already been taken down in pixels 

 This is after I've worked out the colours and placement

I divided the whole thing up into 6 blocks and made a detailed pattern. So each day I'm going to be able to make 1 block. Not even too much on the work front.

The pattern for the "Eyes Pixel Art Quilt" is on Craftsy if anyone would like to also give this one a go along-side with me...

The size is 30" x 20" (50cm x 75cm) and is Straight sewing - easy all the way...

I'm going to post my progress this whole week. My deadline for the finished top is for FRIDAY!

Have a good Monday!

Friday, 18 July 2014

Friday's Round-Up!

These past 2 days I've been standing in line .......
Seriously. Just waiting, and waiting..... (typical!!) - and not because there were sooooo many people in line....
I waited with my daughter in line at the license department, first to get an appointment and then to hand in a piece of paper, pay for the temporary license, and GO Home!
Can't complain too long tho' because she did get her license the first go.... Thank heavens!

So, what do we have finished for the round-up Friday?

I was asked to make a few "whimsical" houses, so I've been having a lot of fun making new designs...
Take a look -

 This is the Mushroom village and a cute Tree house with its own look-out deck.....

 The Pencil School house is sooo cute and then I had to change the ABC on the blackboard to look backwards - so obvious and yet I missed it.......
All fixed now..

This is the Shoe House minus the "so many children" - maybe they've all grown their license and moved out??
and the cute Tea Pot House.

I have a few more ideas that I still need to get busy with......

All these patterns are for an Intermediate Level and are available in my Craftsy Shop.

Also, don't forget that the Issue 2 of Paper Piecing 1/4" Digital Magazine is all about houses - every different kind....

 Have a great Friday and a good week-end!

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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

College Days

                                   College Days Blog Hop 

College Days Blog Hop - MY Turn...

What do I think of when I hear "College"or University - loads and loads of reading!!!

I think I'm the kind of person who loves learning and wants to understand everything! At school I couldn't put my finger on any one thing that I wanted to do above the rest.
 I think I've studied just about everything over the past 30 years -
Education - Primary school; Book-keeping; Fine Arts; Theology; Sociology; Psychology; Design.

At my age now, all I want to do is a little sewing .....and study my fabrics....

This is the block I made - "Study" and is available in my Craftsy Shop

Some days all you can do is go and sit outside and read, read, read.

Hope you are all enjoying the blog hop and all the amazing blocks...

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Monday, 14 July 2014

Portrait Art Quilts

At Last! At Last - I've finished all the piecing and instructions for my Portrait 3 Pattern...

This one is on the Intermediate level and has a fabric and colour guide in the instructions too.

 Portrait 3 - Lost in thought

This art quilt Portrait measures 20" x 24" (52 x 62cm). Paper piecing like this offers a 'more structured' feel to doing art quilts but still gives that feeling of making something artsy...
Once done, you can do FMQ onto the face and the negative spaces.

Others in the Portrait Quilts theme are:

Portrait 1 - Monotone Portrait

Portrait 2 - African Woman
 Portrait 4 - Face in the Mirror

This cute little girl looking into the mirror is still under construction....
Should be finishing the pattern up by the end of July.
All the others are in my Craftsy Shop

A Penny Saved...

... is a penny I can use on quilting supplies! Val over at Val's Quilting Studio is hosting a spare change challenge and I've decided to participate. The rules are simple: designate something to be your piggy bank or spare bottle, decide what you want to buy, and start saving! Once I get a big enough bottle, I will take a photo for the blog...

I've decided to save for some Online Fabrics! Maybe from Japan....  - that for me is a big thing....
How about you, want to penny-pinch with me?

Last thing:

Tomorrow will be my turn in the College Hop so be sure to check out what block I made....
Blocks are free! not all are paper pieced...

'Til then

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Friday, 11 July 2014

Cold Fruit Abstracts

WOW! its cold outside.... and I think its even colder inside... No Joke!
The time for a gas heater has come! Just wrapping ourselves in blankets and quilts is not enough...
Last night my iPad even told me the temperature was below 0 deg C
That, for here where it rarely gets so cold is not funny.....

I haven't started anything new yet, and someone asked me for a design of a pear a while ago,  so I was playing around with abstracts of the designs.

These were the originals:

Both ways are actually great! could make an interesting wall hanging for the kitchen...
I've shipped them off to my Craftsy Shop.
Both blocks measure 10" (25cm) and are easy intermediate level.

have a good week-end!

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Thursday, 10 July 2014

E-Books Done!

Yesterday was soooo cold here, it felt as if my hands were on strike!

I've been busy finishing a few projects and writing up the instructions...

At Last we have the showing of the Transport Collection E-Book!
Now available in my  Craftsy  and  Etsy  shops as well as with EQ Boutique

Also finished is the lovely Art Quilt E-Book and Instructions: Quiet Landscape

Thinking of only making this one available from August and then we could be thinking of making it into a Quilt-a-Long again with a piece a week for 12 weeks. Don't want to kill ourselves with too much all at once ....... Anyone interested can leave me a comment... thanx!

Have a good Thursday!

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