Friday, 29 April 2016

Friday Fun Day

Hello and Welcome
to our
Friday Fun Day!

Friday's are just so easy to get into, and so is having fun...

 A while ago I gave out the Feather #1... and now its time for Feather #2...
They are 8x10" (21x25cm) Intermediate level.

So grab up a feather for yourself and lets have a great link up Friday...

 Download Feather #2 HERE   and don't fret - here's #1 again too - Here

Link up anything you like... really... anything.....(PG of course)
Lets have a look and be sure to visit a few...


Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Lighthouse QAL Week #4

Its our Week #4 of the Light House QAL
Our quilt top is really starting to take shape now

Lets get started:

Once all your pieces are cut out and then stuck together with their corresponding numbers, you can arrange them onto your desk or work area to get a good visual of what you're doing.
This way makes your brain look for groups that will easily fit together in straight lines.

The colour codes show which fabrics are up to bat...

 This is a photo of the pieces A, B and C
A and B are sewn together but they are not equal length.
Once they are together, sew them to C

 Here is my finished section. The light in my office is not great, and it was raining (jumping up and down with joy!!) so my photo has some dark areas. Not to worry, once its all done, I'll get my son to photograph it for me.

This is my quilt top so far...
This week doesn't get sewn to the rest of the quilt yet. We will do pieces 5 and 6 first.

The only thing that I'm not really happy with on mine is the green in the top right corner. The design shows a tuquoise blue-ish colour, but Im rather going to change that to a light grey or even repeat the pink in that area.

If you would still love to join us - GREAT! you're more than welcome


Monday, 25 April 2016


It's not that I hate Mondays or think they're blue...
Its just that Monday's ruin a good week-end....

What's happening this Monday?

It's Autumn here, so whenever I go out, I see hundreds of little birds on the telephone lines - gathering to fly off somewhere warmer...

I've finished a few more commissions and I had time to make a sweet Little Bird pattern. Its 8" (21cm) and has a mirror image chum that sits on the branch with him.
I've added it to my Craftsy shop.

These are some of the other bird patterns in the shop -

Visit JaneenVN's Craftsy Pattern Store »


Friday, 22 April 2016

Friday Fun Day...

Hello! and Welcome
to another
Friday Fun Day!

A few ladies were asking me where they could find the Sewing Machine pattern and a few others that are not in my Craftsy Shop...

They're here in this issue of the Paper Piecing 1/4" magazine....

The Spring Issue #5...

Here are a few that are in this issue. There are loads more in this issue for you to still try.

Magazine info:

The cover photo of the Ladybug Mini Quilt was from Erin Trevino,
and the cute Birdstack Mini was by Lisa England.

The second Ladybug Mini was made by Susie Zlogar.

Thanks to everyone who helped it was all amazing!!

Our cute Apples were made by Bea Lee and the Vintage Sewing Machine was made by Lisa England.

They are all so amazing. Thanks ladies, I still love them all.

What have you all been busy with??
Lets all have a good look...

Link Up your amazing projects and lets get this party started....



Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Lighthouse QAL Week #3

 Hello and Welcome to all the new QAL friends...

I'm sure you're going to enjoy making this lighthouse along with me.
We're on Week #3 now and its really starting to take shape.


Once you've cut out your pieces and laid them all out in front of you, you'll see its not a ton of work this time....

Get your fabrics sorted and lets get going....

When the pieces are all out in front of me like this, I find it easy to see where the pieces will join together without having to go back to the instructions all the time -

not to worry - I did write the instructions and I did attach them

This is our Week 3 piece. I forgot to take a photo of it before I sewed it to week 2, but Im sure you get what's going on...

This is what I have so far
The week 4 will complete the left hand corner, so it will be a little longer than what you can see now.

and a close up of the rocks with the sun hitting them as it sets...
Starting to look great!!

If you would still love to join us - GREAT! you're more than welcome


Monday, 18 April 2016

Monday's News...

Today I thought I would show you all how Im doing with the Woodlands quilt.
Ive only got 2 more sections to sew and I'll be all done.... and then it still needs its back etc....

This is for an amazing Blog Hop I'm participating in called
 Art with Fabric Blog Hop,
hosted by Alida from Tweety Loves Quilting and will be running in May....

more info HERE

Its going to be EPIC!!! so please remember.

Only once the Blog Hop is finished will I add this amazing Art Quilt to my Craftsy Shop


Friday, 15 April 2016

Friday Round-Up

and welcome to another....

Paper Piecing Round Up

Link up all your paper piecing amazing-ness and lets all ooooh and aaaaah!!!

These are some of the many commissions Ive been working on
People really love their dogs.....

 This is a Vizsla (had to look that one up....) and a Chocolate Labrador.....

2 Adorable Collies, a very alert Foxy and a Norwegian Elkhound (also had to look that one up...) 

aaah and a rather sweet black Labrador with his favourite toy...

Now its your turn....

Is there anyone who has made the Crow pattern?? I really need a photo of the completed block. Thanks.


Shaun the Sheep says:

"don't forget - there's a sheep special going on at the moment
For every Counting Sheep pattern featuring Hugh-Bert the Sheep you will get a 'Lil Lamb pattern FREE..."

Pattern in my Craftsy Shop...




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