Wednesday, 1 July 2015

July Block of the Month

Hello to Everyone!
Today is our 7th Block of the Month in our Oceans series

July has wonderful ORCAS or Killer Whales if you prefer. 

As usual, our block is 14" (37cm) and on the Intermediate Level.

I asked a good friend Lisa England to help me make the BOM because I still cannot sew with my arm hurting so much (I have frozen shoulder).

These photos and the finished block are all credit to her and her kindness... Thank you Lisa, I really appreciate it!

Little swatches of fabric were glued down onto a piece of paper. Make sure that you have enough contrast. 
The Orca is diving out of the water and there is a lot of water splashing around her. The baby is diving more into the air with a small bit of splashing on the sides.

Please feel free to change the colours to something you like.

You can even write onto your sections which colours you like and then begins the fun with sewing up the seams.

 Lisa uses a wooden wall paper roller to flatten her seams instead of an iron during the piecing process;  works great!  She uses the iron after the sections are complete.

trimming seam allowance -- Lisa does this with scissors as she goes

trimming section to size -- she pieces all the sections then trims them all at once down to size.

Here is a section of the Orca finished

Now just to sew all the sections together.

The finished block for July - Orcas playing in the water.
Really beautiful!

The block is Free for July in my Craftsy Shop
I hope you all enjoy making this one

You can find more info and the Quick Links Here

Thanks to everyone for the wishes on my anniversary. We made plans to go and eat out and about an hour before we had to leave all the kids decided to arrive home and also go out with us. It was actually really lovely. A good day!

Other Good News - 

Paper Piecing 1/4" digital Magazine (Issue #6 - Summer Fun)
 is also out now and issues can be found at the Craftsy Shop too.

You can find more info HERE

Monday, 29 June 2015

Flags Flying

It's the end of the month -----
which means

Its my wedding anniversary today (24 years!!) YAAAY!
Its the school holidays
The magazine is about 90% done
all the BOM's for July are finished!

All in all NOT BAD.....

Ive also managed to throw in a few flags - 
These were actually a lot of fun to play with
They are all 16 x 12" (42 x 31 cm) and are on the EASY level

These are housed over at Craftsy - if you wanted to take a close look...

Visit JaneenVN's Craftsy Pattern Store »

The Lake Quilt a Long

We start on 2 July with #1 of our pattern pieces.
Hope you are going to join us


Link up winner: Link #1
Have a Lovely Monday!

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Friday, 26 June 2015

Paper Piecing Party #24

Hello to everyone of you from everywhere you are !!

It's Friday! Yaay! 
That was the last full week of June...

 What have you been up to this past week? 
Me - I've done a lot - unfortunately none was paper piecing.... BOOOO!
So last night I made you all a pattern for 4th of July...
Not your flag? well, don't worry, I'll make some more soon.

I'll leave it FREE on the blog for the week-end, and after that it will find its home in Craftsy
I hope you will send me a photo of your finished block.
It measures 16 x 12" (42 x 31 cm) and is really easy to put together.

Lets get on with what you have to show the rest of us...
Link up your lovelies and lets get inspired...

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

WIP Wednesday

Hello all the chums!

Take a look at some of these blocks - just changed the placing of the colour and you get such a different block.

This one is a "Swoon" block. The small squares are 2" and the block if 16" (42 cm)
Should make a great HST project.

This is a "Carpenter's Frame" block and is the base of the "Swoon" block.

 These all came off the same block - by just changing the colour placement.

Once the magazine is done, I'll write up the instructions for this Swarm of Swoons and we can see about doing a FREE HST - along.


The Lake Quilt a Long is ready to start, so from 2 July we are going for it - full steam ahead!!
I hope your name is on the list .....

More info HERE

Have a Great Day!

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Monday, 22 June 2015


WOW its Monday again! already!
The wheel is turning too fast! I want to get off!!

This whole week I'm going to lock myself away and finish doing the magazine!!
There are some amazing summer patterns this quarter. I love all of them!


I was teaching a young guy how to make paper pieced designs and this is his third lesson design. DANG!!
It's a Viking Axe. I promised him I would show all my chums....
I see a LOT of promise here...

Once we finish doing the pattern instructions, I'm going to add this to my Craftsy shop until he gets one of his own.


For our Week-end Giveaway Winners: I'm going to send each of you that linked something ALL of the patterns. Yaay! I will need you to email me so that I can get an address from each of you to send your prizes. (

Have a Great Day!

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Friday, 19 June 2015

Friday Link Up #23


Guess what? 
It's Friday... and we've got a Giveaway Party going on here...

 I haven't had time to do anything this past week - I've been tutoring my son with his music theory because it's exam week for him. (Shame!!) Sewing anything will be taking a back seat for a while, but the design images are still so cute - I'm sure you'll still enjoy them.

These are some of the designs I made for the previous magazine, but decided that they had to be cut. I actually forgot about them and this morning I was looking through all the files and there they were - so patient - waiting to get out.

The group of Owls are 10" each and the Dragonflies are 8" each.
I'll finish the instructions and we can have a bit of a GIVEAWAY... How about that!

** Link up something you've made or designed etc. 
- as long as it was a Paper Piecing something...

Winner gets Owls and runners up get Dragonflies. Good Luck!
Let you know whooo on Monday.

Lets get to it!

Wednesday, 17 June 2015


What have you all been up to this week?

Me, not that much....
Nothing like a stomach bug to get all forms of pride right out of you...

We ate take-aways and this was the prize I guess.....
Just lovely....

I have had lots of time to lie in bed and think about designs and which I love and which I have less love for. Pinterest is also an amazing source of inspiration when you can't do much else.

Where do you find your inspiration?


I also must talk about the Lake Quilt A Long Starting 2 July 

So many ladies want to join and feel they have no clue how to get the payment part 'done'

I took a few screenshots at how to make a payment through Paypal.

You will need to go to YOUR paypal account, do the whole email and password thing

Now, look for the TOOLS tab or on the left of the screen is a box and in it is a TOOLS icon.

You need to send money for the Lake Quilt - so you click on Send Money and it will open up a new window.

Here you fill in the info I gave you. You add my email address, the amount and in US dollars. You check the paying for goods and press CONTINUE

Here you will open another window where you need to add a message to me -
add the Lake QAL and add your email address
Now you're done. Click send money and that's it.

Once Paypal sends me the notification I can send you the Information Package with the requirements etc.

Really Easy


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